Quality Policy
Quality Policy
The primary objective of the company is to function as a customer Satisfaction oriented organization through efficient teamwork. To achieve this aim, our company has formulated a Quality Assurance Policy, which aims to provide quality service to customers. An efficient team of QA/QC Engineers named as Quality Assurance team function in the construction section to ensure quality of job and customer satisfaction.


  • Complete understanding of customer needs and functional preparation of job.
  • Application of quality assurance policy for non-recurrence of trouble.
  • Job scheduling emphasizing priority of customers.
  • Assignment of skilled and trained professionals.
  • Communication network and fleet of vehicles for easy coordination and job completion.
  • Bulk stock of genuine spare parts and tools.
  • Final approval of quality assurance team.
  • Frequent visit and follow ups.

Project execution, service and maintenance ensures that work is carried out under controlled conditions based on high standard performance orientation. Based on the feedback from customer, after sales team take timely corrective action. Trained technicians look after the maintenance service. The Technicians undergo regular training to update the ever changing technology in the construction field. While establishing such system, guidelines laid down by ASTM, Royal Commission, SABIC and other standard practices prevailing in construction are strictly followed. Quality assurance team will monitor that the work is carried out in accordance with the project plan and Will return documentary evidences to the Project Manager to complete the Quality Control System.

The quality system package prepared by the company is ensured by International Standards. It involves Quality Manual, Quality Plans, Inspection And Test Plans, Procedures, Codes and Standards, Identification of Quality Products, Process Control, Corrective and Preventive Actions, Handling, Storage and Delivery, Training, Statistical Analysis, Follow Ups & Periodical Checking Plans, etc…

Under all circumstances, Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia or other applicable international recognized codes and standard shall be used.

ASTM                  American Society for Testing and Materials.
ACI                       American Concrete Institute

American Welding Society

AWWA                  American Water Works Association
ANSI                     American National Standard Institute

American Gas Association

AISC                     American Institute of Steel Construction
AASHTO               American Association of State Highway & Transportation Officials

American Society of Heating, Refrigeration & Air Cond. Engrs.


Uniform Plumbing Code


Uniform Building Code

UL                         Underwriters Laboratory
NFPA National Fire Protection Association

National Electric Code


Saudi Arabian Standard Organization


Uniform Mechanical Code

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