Equipment & Machinery
MBTC strength is reinforced by large fleet of its equipment’s and vehicles which include Cranes, Side Booms or Pipe Layers, Graders, Bull Dozers, Hydraulic Excavator, Rock Breakers, Road Roller, Fork Lifts, Pay Loaders, Backhoe/Loader, Boom Trucks, Heavy trailers, Flat bed, Low bed, Dump Trucks, Vacuum Tankers, Welding machine, Compressors, Sand blasting sets, Generators, Roller compactors, Water Pumps, Crude oil Tankers, Vacuum Trucks, 4WD Service Vehicles etc. MBTC has its facilities, equipment yard, workshop and its operation office at various locations of Saudi Arabia.

MBTC has a large fleet of equipment’s and vehicles. MBTC has financial capability to add any additional or special equipment that may be required at any given time at short notice.


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Loaders Rectifiers
Excavators Plasma Cutting Machine
25 Tons to 110 Tons Truck Mounted Cranes Pipe Bending & Pipe Beveling Machine
4 Tons to 90 Tons Side Booms Man Lifts
5 KVA to 530 KVA DG Sets Tractors and Trailers of various capacities
Roller Compactors 250 CFM to 1200 CFM Air Compressors
Roller Compactors 250 CFM to 1200 CFM Air Compressors
Roller Compactors 250 CFM to 1200 CFM Air Compressors
5 Tons to 11 Tons Forklifts 4000 PSI to 10000 PSI Hydrotest Pumps
Rock Breakers Dewatering Pumps
Dump Trucks Boom Cranes
800 Gallon to 8500 Gallon Water Tankers 26 to 65 Seater Busses
Vacuum & Crude oil Tankers Rebar Cutting & Bending Machine
3 Tons to 8 Tons Boom Trucks Dozer
Welding Trucks Concrete Mixture Machine
Pipe Dolly Single & Double Cabin

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